Water Heater Replacement – Easy, But Difficult

Water heaters, even the most energy-efficient ones, eventually will need replacement. And you want to choose a quality replacement that offers more energy efficiency than your previous model. You can learn more about water heaters by clicking on the links below.

When you decide you have to replace your existing water heater or are considering it, there are some telltale signs that indicate water-heater failure and should be watched for. Pay close attention to these warning signs, as they can provide valuable information about what might be wrong with your tank system. In addition, if any of the following symptoms are present and you cannot identify them as being related to your water-heater failure, it is best to have it checked out by a professional to prevent any costly damage or personal injuries.

Leak Detection – The first sign of an impending water leak in your tank system is a small drip, like water dropping from the ceiling of the hot water tank. This type of trip can be easily mistaken for other minor drip such as from washing machines, dishwashers, or even your hair dryer’s spray head. If your tank has a leak, it is essential to get a plumber out right away and have the tank inspected by a professional. You can expect to spend anywhere from $1000 to several hundred dollars depending on the size and location of the leak. Water Heater Replacement is often required if the leak originates within the hot water tank or hot water heater exchanger.

Water Heater Coils Most leaks occur in the transfer end of the water heater (transfer tube). These are typically made with stainless steel and do not corrode or develop corrosion resistance. Water Heater Coils, unlike most other parts of the system do not rust after years of constant exposure to salt air and salt water. However, if you have an older model and it’s difficult to find the exact location of the leak, you may need a new transfer tube, or you may be able to locate one that is corroded but will not cost much to replace.

A popular replacement for many types of water heaters is the Triton siphon filter. This device can easily be found at any major hardware or home improvement store. It is made out of plastic and has two removable pieces that fit inside the main body and are then secured with spring clips. They are made very well and have very few moving parts, which makes them very easy to operate and repairs are quite simple to complete.

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