Car Key Replacement – How To Get It Done Right

If you own a car, you know how difficult it is to get into it after a long day at work or events. It makes sense to invest in a better security system so that you will feel more secure when entering your vehicle. The easiest way to do this is to replace your existing key with a high security “CarKey”.

“At CarKey Pros, we provide all the latest in car key replacement technology including programming and cutting new high-end keys from your original equipment manufacturer. When all of your keys have been lost, we can stem the loss by programming and cutting brand new high security keys right from your original equipment manufacturer.” What an awesome statement to be able to give to your locksmith company as a gift. A CarKey can give them a new lease on life!

There are many ways to replace car keys with new ones, but our preferred method involves a transponder. A transponder is what the original owner programmed into their system. We give our customers the option of giving us their existing transponder (or a brand new one) or keep their existing transponder. This is by far the easiest way for our customers to get a new key, even if they already have a transponder and need a new key. A customer can also give us their new transponder and we will program it with their new security code. This gives them a stronger lock on their auto key repair business and makes them a valued customer for life!

Car manufacturers typically provide a hard coded security code that has to be entered into the auto key repair booths before starting any work. This is okay if you are just replacing one key but if you are replacing many, you may want to consider giving your customer the option to program more than one code. In this case, they would simply have to enter the same code into the key fob again in order to start the process all over again. This makes it easier for your customers to reuse their transponder and save themselves countless hours of frustration.

If you choose to give your customer this option, make sure that they can also change the password on their locksmiths equipment to match your company’s. This is important because your customer may have purchased this equipment used and if it has a different combination than the ones programmed into the locksmith’s equipment, it may be too easy for the burglar to steal the car keys from the locksmith. Additionally, if you want to replace car keys with another brand, make sure to also change the combination for your locksmith as well. It would be a bad situation for both your customer and your locksmith to find themselves in. Changing your locksmith’s combinations is an important part of a car key replacement for a variety of reasons.

Some people prefer to take the time to do the entire job themselves instead of hiring a professional locksmith. For this reason, there are plenty of things that you can do yourself to make sure that your job is done right. You can purchase new equipment for your locksmiths such as a jumbo joggle or double lock set. There are also plenty of books and videos available to help you replace car keys and complete other tasks that are related to locksmithing. By following these tips, you will be able to get the job done right and keep yourself and your car safe.

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